Hi SharePoint and Microsoft 365 fellows !

Today I am really happy to announce I am releasing the version 2 of Site Designs Studio. It is a complete rewrite of the application with new concepts, new features and new context ! The application is no longer a simple WebPart but is designed to be an application of its own. Concretely, it means that it the SPFx application will be hosted in a dedicated site collection.

Install it !

I will be really happy if a maximum of people can give it a try and come back with some feedback ! It is really easy to install ! Simply click the link here and follow the small setup guide.

(*) You will need PnP Powershell and the SharePoint global administrator privileges in order to install AND to use it !

Some peek of its features


You can find all the source code in the GitHub repo here . The README file will also show you several animations that give an idea of the capabilities of that tool !

I really hope you’ll find it interesting and I already have some ideas for some cool new features πŸ™‚

Drop your comments πŸ™‚