Hello dear SharePoint fellows,

Yesterday, I had the great opportunity to be a speaker for the second time at the aOS event in Luxembourg.

The new Era of Provisioning in SharePoint with a joke about the session announced with a wrong title, sorry Frank 😉

It was a great pleasure for me to share the techniques and tooling for SharePoint provisioning I use every day for more than 2 years. I obviously speak about the PnP initiative outcome; the provisioning engine, the PnP PowerShell, the PnP JS lib (demoed with help of Tomi Tavela’s SPEditor) and lately the Office 365 CLI

Someone even told me that my session was the main reason why he attended the whole day. It is really a great pride for me, but more importantly, this gentleman didn’t know about the PnP provisioning engine and told that he will definitely consider using it from now to improve the deployment process in his customer’s environment. What a greater satisfaction for me than this kind of return!

You can find the slides here on SlideShare

A big thank you to everyone who attended the aOS event this year, YOU made the event concrete! And, of course, thanks to the aOS team Patrick Guimonet and Frank Poireau